Our new 2020 product range is now available

Our new 2020 product range is now available

After the lockdown, during which we had to stop cycling and our production in Italy, we are starting off with big news: our awaited latest range of products, now available on our e-commerce and in the best bike stores in Italy and abroad.

This new range is launched after a difficult period for everyone, looking forward to a re-match and getting back on bike with determination! As Veloflex is a small artisan business, with 10 employees, almost all of them women and mothers, we decided to stop. It was a very hard decision to make and a tough reality to face up to, but health and wellbeing come first. Now it’s time to look to the future and get back to cycling in the open air and put one’s all into it to take off again.

As we bicycle riders know, while climbing you need to put your heart and soul into it and hold on. This is the way we look to the future without hesitating and focusing on the passion we have for our artisan work and the quality of our new products, 100% handmade in Italy in our laboratory in Presezzo, Bergamo, a town that was severely hit by the pandemic and the lockdown, longing for rebirth.

The new range of products is a project that goes back in time as its technological development process has taken more than one year of work. Due to the latest guidance issued by the Ministry of Health we decided to stop but now, after the lockdown, we can’t wait to show our new range of products.” says Roberto Colleoni, our CEO.

After the new logo, we have also improved the e-commerce, to make it more user-friendly and choose the products more easily, to suit every customer looking for road bicycle tires that give pure performance.

Besides the e-commerce we have also started our community online. You can find us on social media like Facebook, Instagram and Strava where you can join the official Club and meet many other bicycle lovers that ride using our prestigious tires handmade in Italy.

Our 2020 range of products in a nutshell

A celebration of Veloflex renewal and a real surprise for our customers.

Eight new leading products arranged according to a specific purpose, technology and final customer.

Three models for training and racing

Three products for higher performance, to satisfy the needs of amateur cyclists that clock up the miles to train or take part in Gran Fondo rides: ProTour tubular, Corsa EVO clincher tire and TubeLess Ready Corsa EVO TLR.

Three products with a 320 TPI (Threads Per Inch) Corespun casing for fast and fluent rides. They are all made of a new compound to offer greatest road control and lower rolling resistance.

ProTour is a new tubular with a puncture proof protection belt and an inner tube fully in latex to offer more flexibility in all conditions.

Corsa EVO is an open tubular (clincher tire). Road holding and an extremely tenacious new RKB (Resilient Kinetic Belt) protection belt to improve puncture protection are among its strengths.

Its TubeLess Ready version is also available, i.e. Corsa EVO TLR, with the same excellent characteristics of a Corsa EVO clincher tire, but with a further Air-Lock layer to minimise pressure drop and, especially, its new non-extendible beads made of Zylon®, an ultra high-modulus material that makes the clincher tire bead seat against the rim even under high pressure.

All models are available in black and with the popular traditional para sidewalls (see table for sections, weights and prices).

Three models devoted to pure performance

The evolution of the aforementioned models, designed for the toughest races and to support our most demanding customers during crucial competitions.

ProTour RACE tubular, Corsa EVO RACE clincher tire and its TubeLess Ready version Corsa Race TLR: all with a Corespun 350 TPI (Threads Per Inch) casing for lightweight, greater flexibility and to suit any kind of road surface and ensure low rolling resistance.

The tire tread is made of a compound of natural rubber and SiO2 to improve grip and lower rolling resistance. All these versions have a puncture proof protection belt.

All models are available in black and with the popular traditional para sidewalls (see table for sections, weights and prices).

Two products for those who race against time

Record is the name of a tire designed for time trial or on-track races. It’s the name of the tire tread specifically made for time trial or on-track races. The new Record, the improved model of the original product, is extremely light and entirely slick to enhance its high-speed performance even further and minimize rolling resistance.

Record sidewalls are available in the traditional para colour both in the tubular or clincher tire version with Corespun 350 TPI (Threads Per Inch) casing.