Veloflex new logo

Veloflex new logo

After 40 years we have changed our logo so as to focus on the key features of our products: tubulars and clincher tires for racing entirely handmade in Italy.

Changing the company logo is a major step also for Veloflex. Some companies often update their brand boldly, others simply refresh it over time or tend to maintain their original image during the years.

After 40 years we felt the time had come for a new logo in order to communicate and embody Veloflex dynamism. Every day we constantly update our production, we improve details, refine compounds and look for quality improvement and better performances.

Our new logo tells we are still the same and that we want to give even more importance and greater value to our products and, especially, our production, which has been entirely Italian, from 1980 up until today.

There is the V, of Veloflex, and its embedded tread on it, as well as our themes, which are fundamental to us: incisiveness and accuracy, because you can trust our tubulars on any kind of road surface and under all weather conditions; speed, since we have been and we will remain producers of tires for racing, specifically designed for competitions and ideal also for training; dynamism, which is a sign of our company’s proactivity and constant research focusing on details and improvements.

The design of a tire reflects a continuous search for the best solutions for our athletes and customers. We have maintained the same high-quality processes over time, yet we continue looking for technologies in order to produce even more lightweight and safer products with outstanding qualities.

Obviously we wanted to recall the national flag because our tubulars and clincher tires are entirely handmade in Italy, where cycling is in the air and this means fresh air for the production.

You will find our new logo straightaway on the Internet and on our social media and, eventually, on the wide range of products of the world of Veloflex, where many other novelties will be introduced.