What is the corresponding model in the new range of products?

If you have already tried our products and don’t know their correspondence to the new 2020 range of products check to see to which new tire they correspond:


Record 28” → Record tubular
Sprinter → ProTour Race 23mm gum sidewall
Extreme → ProTour Race 23mm black sidewall
Servizio Corse → ProTour Race 25mm gum sidewall
Service Course → ProTour Race 25mm black sidewall
Criterium → ProTour 23mm gum sidewall

Carbon → ProTour 23mm black sidewall
Roubaix → ProTour 25mm gum sidewall
Arenberg → ProTour 25mm black sidewall
Vlaanderen → ProTour 28mm gum sidewall
Raven → ProTour 28mm black sidewall

Open Tubulars:

Record → Record open tubular
Master 23/25/28 → Corsa EVO gum sidewall
Corsa 23/25/28 → Corsa EVO black sidewall

We recommend browsing our product section because with the new range of products we have introduced many different product variants and also our new TubeLess Ready.