What are the advantages of a higher TPI?

The higher the TPI number the more flexible, high-performance and refined the casing.

Our tubulars, clincher tires and tubeless ready can have up to 350 TPI, a record we are proud of.

The higher the TPI, the more flexible and high-performance the casing because of the thinner threads that are used.

On uneven roads the impact of the tire on the road surface causes vibrations and friction.

A tire with a flexible casing will adapt better on the surface and will be able to absorb such impact and vibration. It will have high-performance and be more comfortable as the tire can roll more easily on these micro-obstacles adapting to their geometry.

On the contrary, a lower TPI casing, thus more rigid, will transfer the impact on the rest of the bike (rim, spokes, hub, fork, frame…) causing stronger vibration.

Therefore, this tire is less comfortable and has lower grip because there’s a smaller surface that rolls onto the road because of its lower flexibility.

That’s why our tires have at least 320 TPI casings that can reach 350 TPI in our Race models. We want our tires to have the highest grip, comfort and the lowest rolling resistance.