TubeLess clincher tires tend to deflate: what shall I do?

As soon as it is mounted, the TubeLess clincher tends to lose pressure. It’s important to check that the rim has been taped properly, if it’s not airtight, and that there’s no air leak from the valve.

During the installation it is important to shake the rim and the tire together in all the directions to distribute the sealant inside to seal all the possible air leaks and micro porosity, better still if you can ride your bike for a couple of kilometres to spread the sealant more evenly.

The first two or three days after the mounting the pressure can lower even further, but over time, by using the bike, micro porosity will seal reducing air leaks to 0.5-1.0 bar per day at the most, which is to be expected with our latex-cotton casings (these kinds of casing, as well as latex air chambers, are porous).

If after one week there are still remarkable air leaks you should check it carefully to find what such leaks are due to.