Sealant leakage from the TubeLess Ready, difficulty to install or make airtight your TLR: what to know.

Do you have sealant leakage, you can't install or make your TLR tire airtight?

Let's start first of all with the definition of what TubeLess Ready tires are:
TLR (short for TubeLess Ready) is a tire with no air holding capability (porous) that has been built to be coupled to tubeless rims. It's fundamental the use of a sealant liquid to make the tire airtight so that it can be used without inner tube.

Differently from TubeLess tires (not Ready, that for the moment don't exist on the market)  that don't need sealant liquids to grant airtightness, Veloflex tires are of the TubeLess Ready type.

This means that the tire per se is permeable to air notwithstanding the constructive technologies that aim to reduce the air loss over time.

Air tightness of TubeLess Ready tires is completely dependant on the positive result of the sealant liquid that has to be added during the installation, other than this it's necessary the use of airtight rims and valves.

Seen and considered the big variety of rims, valves and sealants on the market, despite on our website we suggest some sealants that gave better results during our tests, Veloflex doesn't offer any warranty on the effectiveness of those liquids even though many sealant producers boast the capability of their products to seal punctures of 3mm in diameter and above.

Due to all these variables, other than the primary need to use a sealant liquid that SEALS, Veloflex doesn't take any responsibility in case of failure to install its tires in TubeLess Ready version, air loss or liquid leakage from any part of the tire at any point of installation or utilization because those are results directly imputable to the installation and above all to the sealant.

In case of failure of the sealant liquid to properly install Veloflex TLR tires in TubeLess Ready version, we inform you that it will be possible to install the tire with the use of an inner tube granting the primary function of the clincher to act as a tire so that you can still enjoy the great performance of our products.