Is there a winter tire available?

We have no specifically-designed winter tires, but we do have tires with such characteristics; what does that mean?
Many producers of average vulcanized tires offer products with compounds that give longer mileage. So these compounds must be harder with lower abrasion characteristics but they also have lower grip.

In winter it is the other way round: it is necessary to offer a better grip and so the compound must be softer and mustn’t get stiff at lower temperatures so as to offer better grip; yet it lasts less.

Our philosophy, regardless of such business-driven production of multi-compound tires, focuses on performance rather than mileage, and we have been able to design a product with softer compounds that maintain unaltered their characteristics in all weather conditions, offering excellent grip and lower rolling resistance.

We recommend reducing the tire pressure in winter in order to increase the contact surface with the road and improve grip even further. A too inflated tire is rigid and can’t adapt onto the ground properly; instead, it slips away, regardless of the compound it’s made of.