Do you have tires for riding rollers?

We offer high-end products, mostly because our company produces in Italy and it would never be able to compete with companies based in Far Eastern countries as it would not be profitable. As a matter of fact, we are a small company and our numbers cannot equal the production of those companies. Therefore, we focus on making the best products possible with competitive prices.

If we were to produce a tire for riding rollers it would have to be more pricey because of our type of manual processing, and, what’s more, its unique features won’t be perceived on riding rollers.

Said that, we highly recommend (as reported on the instructions) to not use our tires on training rollers as they may be damaged reducing the bound of the glue and wearing the tread out in an unusual way because the roller is a curved surface with a small contact surface so the tire would keep deforming on a narrow area, which may cause deterioration and ungluing.

Instead, we recommend using vulcanized low-cost tires or full tires that are not prone to this stress unlike glued handmade tires.