Can I use a preventive / repairing sealant with your tubulars?

Yes, you can. You may use a sealant with the tubulars, but there may be some drawbacks:

  • Our tubulars are made to give the highest performance, each gram has been reduced to the minimum and all the most advanced technologies are used to reduce its rolling resistance as much as possible. Adding sealants will increase weight and the mass while rolling, thus slowing down the start and sprint. It could even affect the rolling resistance.
  • All of ours tubulars air chambers are made with latex, which is a porous material. Therefore, the air chamber leaks (about 1-2 bar per day). If you don’t keep the tubulars inflated constantly to avoid air leak, the inner walls of the air chamber can stick together because of the sealant and the air chamber could explode after the first attempt of inflation or after a few

We suggest using a repairing sealant (not preventive) to use only after you get a flat tire. When choosing this product check it is suitable for latex air chambers.