Servizio Corse


Servizio Corse is the new Veloflex tubular created for current and future professional cyclists. It is the top of the line within our high-quality production for those who are looking for the greatest performance of a bicycle tubular tire with no compromise.

New tire tread, improved compound, 25mm, 350 TPI.

Servizio Corse takes its name and concept from a product that was created by Veloflex ten years ago, a tubular specifically made for racing, when safety and speed are fundamental.

The new Veloflex Servizio Corse is a tubular with a totally renovated tread: Veloflex brand with its logo on the tubular side guarantees the highest roadholding to grip to the ground. Especially, the tubular benefits from the improved quality of Veloflex compound. The grip is in fact guaranteed by the compound and not by the design of the tread and with Veloflex compound the grip is the best one could imagine for this kind of product.

The new design, however, ensures low rolling resistance. The new Servizio Corse is a 25mm tubular as lightweight as a 23mm one: so it offers extraordinary performance to the rider and the highest comfort. Its lightness is due to the 350 TPI (Thread Per Inch) casing, which is another unique characteristic for a 25mm tubular. A higher TPI value guarantees a reduced weight, extreme flexibility, a low rolling resistance and, consequently, greater smoothness of the ride, as well as more grip. Also, Servizio Corse 350 TPI casing has two layers, instead of three, unlike most of the other products on the market.

Servizio Corse sides are made with the natural color of rubber for a high style suitable for any kind or rim and bicycle.

Technical details

  • 25 mm
  • 350 TPI
More Information
Use Road Racing
Size 28" - 25mm (700x25c)
Weight* 265 gr.
TPI (Threads Per Inch) 350 Threads Per Inch (140/cm)
Pressure 6/9 bar (85/130 psi)
Protection Belt Calicot puncture resistant layer
Casing Compressed Pes/Co corespun
Rubber tread Natural rubber exclusive compound
Inner tube Latex low rolling resistance
Valve Presta 42 mm with changeable core
* Weight ± 5%
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