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Veloflex and the social media: the story of our production, some of your best pics and a special surprise.

Veloflex is now on Instagram and Facebook so that you can see how your favourite tubulars and clincher tires for training and racing are created. We will take you through the core of Veloflex craft production and post your best bike rides you want to share with us. Also, on Strava you can find our club of athletes and a surprise we are sure you will appreciate.

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  1. Raven

    Use: Pavé Racing

    • 27 mm
    • 300 gr.
  2. Corsa 28
    Corsa 28

    Use: Racing, Training

    • 28 mm
    • 235 gr.
  3. Master 28
    Master 28

    Use: Racing, Training

    • 28 mm
    • 235 gr.